Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Team Rowan leaving dinner for Jimmy and Audrey

In September last year I wrote about the team dinner for Team Rowan at the start of the season(link here). Since most of that post is about the Multi 2♦ convention, I'll just reprint the summary:

On Tuesday night the whole squad went out for dinner at Cafe Andaluz. After a fine meal, our Team Captain gave a short speech. "Most of all, have fun, and let's try not to get relegated!". I had the beetroot salad, mussels, and paella.

Last week we again went out to Cafe Andaluz. This time I had goats cheese, mussles, and serrano ham, and rather than wishing good luck for the season Jill instead congratulated us for gaining promotion. However, with Division One looming next year, the advice is definitely still to try and avoid relegation.

It was a poignant meal too, as Jimmy and Audrey are moving away from Glasgow to live in England. All the best to them!

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