Sunday, 1 December 2013

Two weeks in a day - Deal of the Week #11

Friday lunch time I substituted for NC at the culmination of the week's lunch time bridge. They'd have done better without me. First of all I needlessly powered us into a 5♣ contract (3♣ would have been enough for the rubber), then needlessly played my Ace of Clubs when I was already winning with the Six. I blame it on the tough match at Maccabi the night before.

Luckily, 5♣ still made, so NC and JW were still all set to win the week. Then I was foolish again. On the very last hand TB took a wild gamble on 6♥, knowing he needed a big score to overcome his deficit. I played right into his hands and doubled. My partner was astonished. Of course TB redoubled. It would have been hugely embarrassing if 6♥xx made, but TB really was pushing it, and to my relief the contract went four off.

Later on Friday TB suggested we play another whole week's worth of bridge. "It's only a game" said JW, and agreed to the double or nothing. To add extra spice both BM and SG made their competitive debuts on the bridge table.

Having had a few drinks I can barely remember any of the hands, including the ones I attempted to write down or even photograph. I do remember it came down to this deal though, with JW and NC needing a game. I've lost my bit of paper but I think it looked like this:

♠ A K x x x
♥ x
♦ x x x
♣ J x x x
♠ Q J x x
♥ A J x x x x
♦ K x
♣ x

NC sitting East opened 1♥, and JW sitting West replied 1♠. NC then asked me about his rebid. He only has 11 points, but it's a great hand once you have a Spade fit. "Have you heard of the Australian Ron Klinger" I asked? He had, and based on the distribution NC jumped to 3♠. JW had been accepting every invitational bid all day (down one is good bridge) and had no trouble accepting this invite too, with a good trump suit.

The defence started on Clubs, but with a singleton in dummy, and North having the ♦A, the defence could only come to two tricks. 4♠+1, based on a combined 19 count, was a great result.

That was enough to clinch it, so JW and NC won a second week on the same day.

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