Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Who's a star?

Here's a good one from me and Anna on Bridge Base last night. Jake was watching, and afterwards said to me "What a star!" I thought he was talking to me, but actually he meant my partner Anna.

I was East, and passed. It went round to Anna, sitting West. She opened 1♦. North could have overcalled 1♥, or 4♥, but went for a double. I've got big Diamond support as East, and with a weak hand short in Majors I decided to preempt to the max. I bid a big 5♦. This is obviously a weak bid, so I was very surprised when Anna topped me up to six. North doubled again, and I was getting a bit worried.

North lead the ♣A, which declarer ruffed. Anna drew trumps in one round, and then claimed, as she can ruff the Hearts in dummy. It's a slam with 22 points, and we don't even need the ♥A.

We're both stars.

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