Wednesday, 19 June 2013

System On - Defence

This is the last blog entry in a series describing the basic Acol system that me and Anna play in Glasgow. Hope you're reading this Anna.


This is pretty standard.

  • Reverse attitude on partner's lead.
  • Standard count on declarer's lead.
  • McKenny discards.

Defence to Multi 2♦

Our defence to 2♦ is a bit controversial, as we tried something else and Anna didn't like it so we've switched. This is what we've agreed on now.

  • Double shows a weak NT, or 18+.
  • Overcalls are natural two level overcalls.
  • Once they've bid a suit doubles are takeout.

Defence to Short 1♣

Just ignore it and treat it like a normal 1♣.

Defence to Lucas Twos

Pretend it's a normal Weak Two opening (2NT overcall is 15-19 with a stop, etc.)

To finish, here's a picture of a horse stuck in a fence:

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